Neurovations Center for Hope

Excellence in care for patients with existing, implanted devices for pain and spasticity

The Neurovations Center for Hope (NCH) is a special part of the Neurovations patient care family, treating only patients with existing, implanted pain-relieving devices.  Neurostimulation devices and implanted pain pumps have been used for many years and can be life-changing for patients with chronic pain or spasticity.

Sometimes, devices don’t provide the relief that patients hope for. Surgical problems, technical issues with the device, or a patient’s complicated medical history might interfere with optimal results. This is where the Center for Hope can help.

Dr. Eric Grigsby specializes in the most difficult and challenging neuromodulation situations in patients who have tried and failed to find satisfactory relief with spinal cord stimulation or intraspinal drug delivery and continue to suffer chronic pain or muscle rigidity.

As with any of our clinics and treatments centers, the patient comes first. We practice  medicine with the patient at the center of care and provide exemplary quality of care that is based on the best available science and clinical expertise.  

The unique success of Neurovations Center for Hope has been our willingness – no, our privilege, gift, and purpose – to wade deeply into the difficult and sometimes chaotic lives, fears, and hopes of our patients.  To serve them, together and with passion, and be truly grateful for the opportunity.

Dr. Eric Grigsby

Center for Hope Difference

We have a vision for a center that will provide hope for patients who have tried neuromodulation and have yet to see relief from chronic pain. Dr. Grigsby remains laser focused in his belief in doing what is right for every patient. This includes the right device and management plan for each individual patient.

Treatment begins with an in-depth consultation and historical review with Dr.Grigsby. This includes a review of what has been tried and what has failed. Services include diagnostic imaging, invasive and non-invasive neuromodulation solutions, intrathecal pain pump services, spinal cord, and peripheral nerve stimulators. Patients will work directly with Dr. Grigsby to arrive at a device decision and management plan.

Experts in the Field

Dr. Grigsby has worked in pain management since the field began in 1990. He has experience with almost every type of device and has helped to pioneer many neuromodulation devices in use today. He is CEO and Founder of Neurovations, a patient care and innovation company. Neurovations is a national leader in medical device and pharmaceutical innovation, clinical research, pain, and neuroscience education, and community health through the non-profit Foundation, HealthRoots.

Dr. Grigsby has stayed at the forefront of innovation in neuromodulation. Neurovations Research is often the first stop to test devices and new treatments and Dr Grigsby has led clinical trials with more than fifty companies, partnering with industry leaders and early-stage companies. He also heads Neurovations Education, which hosts world-renowned experts in pain management and Neuromodulation.